12 More DIY Oil Lantern Ideas

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We’ve previously covered how to create a mason jar oil lantern, and we’ve covered how to create a rock candle. Now, for inspiration, let’s check out 12 different photos of various bottles, jars, and jugs that were converted into oil lamps or lanterns using the same steps as mentioned in our two tutorials.

One of the nice things about making your own oil lamps is that they serve a purpose and will be there when you actually need to have one around. At the same time, you are able to design your lantern in a very stylish way and have fun while doing it.


They can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on the oil you’ll be using, and are perfect for a desk party, BBQ, or small get-together. Everyone will love your new creation, and you’ll be able to let others know how to do the same.

Would you like to view one of our tutorials on how to make your own oil lamp? It really is a simple DIY, and you’ll be very proud of yourself for making it happen!

You guys / gals should email in your photos once you’ve made your own oil lanterns, or any of the other craft projects on our site! We’ll start a photo gallery as soon as we hear from the first person! photos{at}putitinajar.com!

Oil Burners – 12 Photos

The Light Bulb Oil Lantern

This design is pretty impressive.

 Christmas 'Grinch' & Snowflake Bottle Lantern

This Christmas oil lamp is absolutely brilliant. Can you see the face at the top of the bottle? Jack Frost, perhaps? Maybe the Grinch?

Vintage Jar Lantern

These oil lamps are very stylish! This style of lantern would be perfect for weddings, or other banquets, such as Valentines Day.

Cobalt Blue Wine Bottle Hurricane Lanterns

The lanterns would definitely add to any outdoor event, and could be used with citronella oil to get rid of those pesky mosquitoes while looking classy at the same time!

The Pale Ale Bottle Lantern

I love the Pale Ale lantern! I really wish I hadn’t gotten rid of the 80+ bottles I had previously used as an above-the-counter decoration.

Old-timer Jug Lanterns

The old-timer jugs would add a great rustic look to any setting, and a Jager bottle could certainly add style, also. If you want to obtain a Jager bottle, just ask any bar and they will give them to you.

Vintage Coca-Cola Lantern, and Mason Jar Lanterns

Ah, a vintage-style Coca Cola bottle; anything Coca Cola, and I’m in. They add such cheer to the holidays with their commercials, and printings.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lantern

All this thing needed was a hole punched in the lid and a wick thrown in :) You can definitely use olive oil for your lamp fuel.

Another Wine Bottle Oil Lantern

These wine bottle lanterns sure are neat looking! Imagine how long those suckers would burn, being able to hold that much fuel!


Crown Royal Jar Lantern

The Crown Royal lantern would be a nice way to sit and think about all those hangovers, or sit and think about the one you’re about to have.


Another Cobalt Blue Wine Bottle Hurricane Lantern

This thing is gorgeous! If you know where to get those mounts that are holding the bottles, let us know!


Wind Chime Oil Burners

Okay, the wind-chime style tubing… Basic, simple, yet still very cool. Run your wick up the tube, and sit them in a container of your oil. It’ll absorb all the way up the wick!

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  • Susan Patrie

    The mounts holding the wine bottles are just c-clamps.

  • thecoolyman

    Yes you can get these at any plumbing supply store

  • Trigeminy6

    I was trying several backyard burners, namely can pots, but disappointed in longevity of the cans. So I experimented with wicks. Went on a search. But eventually experimented tiki wicks (too large) which burned nice smoky fire w tiki citronella oil. Then small cotton wicks gave good 5 hours out of the pot cans – tiki smoky. But good PureOil citronella no smoke. New at this. So where do I post pics?

  • Douglas

    It’s a year late but those are copper coated split ring hangers for copper. Most likely 3/4 inch. The base plates are for threaded rod as is what connects the 2 parts. Most likely standard 3/8 stuff. You may find them at your local big box hardware store but more likely a local plumbing shop like suggested.

  • lit

    Where might one find the thin metal tubing featured in the last photo? Are there any specs available for these? I really love the look. As I understand it, when it’s hanging or standing vertically, the wick can only be 8 inches long or less in order for the oil to fully saturate it, so I’m thinking those taller ones must not be as tall as they look in the photo. (They look to me to be 10 – 12 inches long)

  • WhiteCedar

    The bottle holders are split ring hangers with a ceiling flange and a 3/8″ threaded rod. They’re in the plumbing section.

  • TheDailyBuzzherd

    Seems as if the poster found some electric lamp parts in the Electrical Dept at Home Repo … I’ve seen cork versions of the same idea, but if one is diligent, ceramic stoppers can be had at wineries, package stores and online. They fit most bottles, not the larger “Mississippi Mud” bottles I’ve pounded down in the distant past. I found it a good idea to weight each bottle by pouring fish tank rock for taller bottles. That way, shorter wicks can reach the oil. Of course, if the bottle is knocked, you’ll have a Hell of a mess, but less oil to mop up. Never tried Oliver Erl; methinks that may get a bit smelly. Research needed.

    Happy Burning, thanks for the hanger idears!

  • Trigeminy6

    sure the wallhangers are fine so I used a beer bottle of a favorite (Stone) Arrogant and put a metal shield clamped toward the wall so as to keep flame from burning out – it actually worked famously. and the shield rather than the wall gets the soot. I like it, and hope it deters ‘squeeters away especially with the new viral load of chickagungya coming next year. unfortunately I caught the deck on a brief fire when lady of house put a cardboard box on top of one of the live smoking coils. even though it was out rapidly the siding melted and such. now a 1K expense to fix


  • http://www.badgerbalm.com/ James R.

    I have tried using Olive oil for fuel but I always get the same result….
    it will burn for about 30 seconds, then go out. doesn’t matter what vessel I use, I get the same result.
    I have used both fibreglass & 100% cotton wicks, let them sit over night(about 6 – 8 hours) & still it will not burn….
    the wicks I use are usually about 1/4 ” diameter.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Any feedback will be most appreciated, be it from the owner or the readers.

  • http://masonjarcandles.org/ Rose kristy

    Awesome article

  • Barbara A Giles

    any one have the pic of twine wrapped around a wine bottle?

  • Shannon Reilly

    Hi! The wine bottle holders you see above are pipe fittings usually – that’s what we used anyways. You’re looking for the supports for pipes.