DIY Mason Jar Christmas Crafts: Miniature...

JAR CRAFTS Published September 30th, 2013 4,131 views
Bottle Brush Christmas Trees in Mason Jars

‘Tis the season for Christmas crafts! Add a little winter wonderland in a mason jar to your holiday collection; a miniature Christmas tree inside of a jar!

The trees are nothing more than bottle brush trees, and you can find them for next to nothing, in a few different places; the most familiar being Michael’s craft store. They come in a bag of 21 assorted pieces (2″ to 5″ I believe) and are somewhere around $5 to $10 from what I’ve seen.


You can also find them online for roughly the same price. The ones I’ve found on eBay for sale averaged out to about 0.96 cents a piece, but you can also get 2 in one package from a lot of different dollar stores, around Christmas time.

Christmas Trees from Bleached Bottle Brushes

I came across a blog called The Beehive Cottage and the lady that owns it wrote about these little bottle brush trees and posted some really neat photos of what she had done with hers, having made these vintage looking trees by bleaching the bottle brushes!

If you’d like to build your jar crafts with this vintage theme, she’ll tell you exactly how she did it here.


  • Epson salt, for fake snow effect.
  • Hot glue
  • Bottle brush trees
  • Mod podge, spray-glue, or other adhesive.


First, hot glue your tree to the underside of your jar lid, so it’ll stay in place.

If you have any spray-glue/adhesive, and want a really frosty tree, you can give the tree a quick spray or two and shake it around in a plastic bag, OR close your jar after filling it with however much snow you want, and shake it around while the tree is still damp from the glue. Mod podge will also work for the glue, as it’ll dry clear.

Get creative and add your own touch!

Merry Christmas!

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