DIY Christmas Village Lighted Snow Globe...

JAR CRAFTS Published September 30th, 2013 2,397 views
Christmas Light Post in a Mason Jar, Village Piece

For the love of snow globes! This DIY mason jar Christmas idea has definitely reached out and captured my attention, and I’m anxious to make one myself! It is beautiful, creative, awesome, and it’s all in a mason jar!

It’s easy, fun, safe, it can be made at home with the family, and it’d be the perfect holiday cheer to incorporate into your Christmas village or other holiday decor! It is a completely dry project, and looks absolutely incredible!


The tutorial is provided by Amber from Salt Tree (blog), and we’d love to see many more pieces like this from her! Though the idea of this mason jar craft is simple, she managed to turn it into a little masterpiece! Let’s face it– many things can be placed inside a jar, but sometimes what we end up with isn’t even close to what we had imagined, and that certainly doesn’t appear to be the case with this lighted beauty!

I’m overwhelmed with ideas of variations I’d like to do with her idea, but I’m still on the hunt to be able to find these little village trinkets, especially ones with any kind of lighting included! I’d love to see an entire collection of similar holiday crafts, as I think it would be the best part of the entire Christmas village! I cannot praise this adorable craft enough!

You’ll need some of the common craft materials that we seem to be mentioning more and more lately (mod podge, fake snow, mason jars), and a few others.

Look below for the link to Salt Tree, where you’ll be able to see a step-by-step tutorial on making one of these beauties yourself!

View the Tutorial

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  • Kirby

    I made these Christmas scenes in jars and they turned out great! I found the miniature lampposts at my local WalMart in the Christmas village section and they were $4 each. I also used snow from the village section and white glitter on the inside of the jar. The lampposts did take AA batteries. They turned out absolutely adorable and it makes a great gift for any age.