Halloween Mason Jar Lights / Lanterns

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3 Halloween Mason Jar Lanterns

Is it Halloween yet? Making Halloween mason jar lights / lanterns is a tremendous amount of fun, especially the part where you impress everyone with your mad skills that evening when you light them up and show them off! Make them scary, spooky, or cartoon friendly– any way you do it, they are going to look great!

Halloween Mason Jar Lanterns

Crafts by Amanda

One of the fun things about this craft project is that it is something you can do each year, and bring back out last year’s version to go along with the new ones!

Another option to consider while making this project is using a solar-powered lid for your jars. Then, you can set the jars in your yard or an area that gets sunlight, and at night they will glow without having to turn the lights on or light candles. You can learn how to make a Solar Powered Mason Jar Lantern, then apply it to any of the jar craft ideas!

One of these is made of materials such as mod podge, tissue paper, glue, paint brush, etc., and the other uses acrylic craft paints and clear glaze spray to shine up the outside of the jar again after painting the solid color acrylic base onto it and decorating it up.

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