Starbucks Frappuccino Oil Lantern Photos

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Don’t you just love these DIY oil lanterns? With so many possibilities, it’s hard to stop making them! Before long, every jar or bottle you see, you’ll be thinking ”that would make a great oil lantern!”

This Frappuccino “frappu-lantern” was made in about 5 minutes, using very few tools, and supplies.


  • 1 drill & drill bit, OR something to puncture a hole in the lid.
  • 1 brass “tube to fine thread adapter”.
  • 1 fiberglass wick.
  • Lamp oil, olive oil, paraffin oil, or some other type of oil.

NOTE: The red lava-like appearance at the bottom of the jar is scented oil. It won’t mix with the lamp oil, and won’t smell like it would if being burned in a burner, but the lava-like effect is cool. You can also use food coloring and water drops, as oil and water do not mix.

Take a look at the following photos to see how it was created:


brass thread adapter diy craft

These brass thread adapters are perfect for keeping the flame off of the lid, and allowing you to easily adjust your fiberglass wick up or down, to adjust the flame height.

You don’t need this exact fitting, which is 3/8″, A-156 by Watts. This, and a dozen other types of brass fittings can be found in the plumbing/PVC pipe department at Lowe’s or Home Depot. They will always carry these types of fittings, and you will not have a hard time finding them. This particular one was only $1.99.

The purpose, mainly, is so that the wick has housing, and is secured in place.

starbucks frappuccino lid with brass fitting

Notice that the brass fitting is in fact hollow, allow for you to run your fiberglass wick through it.

When placing your wick into the brass fitting, insert the bottom piece of the brass tubing (the male end) up through the Frappuccino lid, then insert the wick.

If the wick feels too loose once you’ve insert it, drag an extra inch of wick through, and fold it back on itself (this is also how to achieve a rounded ball appearance instead of a fuzzy wick appearance).

Once folded back on itself, it will be double the size to pull back through, so it will not be able to fall into the lantern.

The amount of wick that you see here in this picture is enough to produce a flame of about 3.5″, so it was pushed almost flush with the fitting to bring the flame size down to about 2″ to 2.5″, which is perfect!

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