Making a Mason Jar Soap Dispenser – DIY Tutorial

JAR CRAFTS Published October 4th, 2013 20,106 views
Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser

This is one of the most functional DIY crafts to do with a mason jar– make a soap dispenser. There are countless styles of pumps out there, so there are some really interesting designs waiting to happen! It probably only took 15 minutes from start to finish, when making the one you see above. The pump you see is actually a foaming one, which I thought was a really cool feature.


Making something for a gift rather than buying one is always more personal and valued by the other person. If you think so, too, then these would be the absolute perfect gift for you to create and share! There are even some gift tag printables available that you can use!


Another use for these jar dispensers is to put things like syrups, or flavoring in them, instead of just being limited to soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer, lotion, etc. Furthermore, just having one on display and never actually using it would be pretty neat as well.

You can’t really go wrong, as you can change the color of the soap or shampoo to add beauty and style, or you could swirl in just enough of another soap to add a very nice effect to the look. Strawberry cheesecake, anyone?

The ones I have made have been filled with raspberry syrup from Sonic and used to flavor sweet iced tea. I made a mistake a time or two, however, and ended up with raspberry smelling hands because I forgot that it wasn’t soap. Fortunately, I 


never ended up with tea that tasted like soap!

Ultimately, the way you decide to go about making your craft is all up to you. There’s a handful of ways to do it, but they are all about the same in the end.


  • A mason jar with any type of lid.
  • A drill and a bit, or a hammer and a nail or something sharp to begin punching a hole in your lid.
  • A dispenser of some sort.
  • Silicone, 5-minute epoxy gel (Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes), or some type of glue that will hold plastics and metals.

Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser


Begin by drilling, or punching a hole into the center of your jar lid. It would be a good idea to get an estimate of the size of the bottom part of your dispenser, so you can get a decent fit going.

Now, glue seems to be the #1 approach to making sure that the dispenser is sealed down around the lid to prevent leaks, and prevent spinning in circles, so I guess that is what we are going to stick with (no pun intended).

You can either buy dispensers from our store, or you can reuse one from a hand sanitizer bottle, shampoo bottle, etc.

If the pump is too long, simply measure the depth of your mason jar and cut the end of it off.

If you are using a newer jar lid (that is actually two pieces), then you will need to also glue the centerpiece of the lid in place to the rest of the lid. Otherwise, your new dispenser pump will fall. We definitely don’t want that.

If you’re wanting to spend the extra money, you can buy a nice metallic pump for the jar, though it certainly is not necessary.

You can also purchase zinc lids for your jars, to go a little further with the look and feel of the project.

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