10 Pies in Mason Jars: Another Food in a Jar DIY Craft

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Mason jar pies of many flavors and styles– apple raspberry, pink lemonade, apple pear, lemon meringue & more! Attach a gift tag and twine, and voila!

Pies in mason jars, yummy and cute! What a great way to showcase beautiful pies and make everyone feel special for any occasion! These are perfect for both the experienced and inexperienced baker or gift giver, and would make the best addition to Thanksgiving for family and friends to enjoy, or as individual gifts all wrapped up and pretty looking.

Mason Jar Raspberry Apple Pie DIY

Clean & Scentsible came up with a wonderful pie in a jar recipe! Serve this yummy apple raspberry pie at your next party and have everyone begging for more! I love how beautiful these look and the gift tags on the jar. I also love the taste of the apple and raspberry combination!

Mason Jar Pink Lemonade Pie DIY

Now this pink lemonade pie from Cherished Bliss is just mouthwatering! The soft white and pink colors are just calling my name! I love lemonade and pink so this is the perfect pie in a jar for me! I love the showcase of colors in the larger jar. I can definitely see this as a beautiful piece on a bright table at a sweet summertime party! Hmm… I wonder if I could incorporate some different colors as well?

Mason Jar Spiced Apple Pear Pie

This cute little mason jar pie was found over at Young Married Chic. I love the heart cutout and I would love to experiment with different shapes. Maybe with initials for personalized gifts or maybe a candy cane for Christmas! These spiced apple pear pies are most certainly mouthwatering! Serve it with spiced apple cider and you’ll have a great dessert choice!

Mason Jar Lemon Meringue Pie DIY

These darling little lemon meringue pies were featured over at Chica and Jo. Lemon meringue pie is most certainly a crowd favorite, so if your wondering what kind of pie to make, choose this! Now I know that sometimes it may be hard to get this type of pie just right, but you’ll never know until you try right? I absolutely love the dressed up jar top and label too.


Mason Jar Apple Pie DIY

Now if your looking to make just plain ‘ole apple pie in a jar, without all the fancy stuff, start here at The NY Melrose Family! Apple pie has always been a favorite of mine so what better way to enjoy it then making a few up to keep around! And if you find yourself a little too much in love with apple pie, having a few around in a cute little jar like this is a great way to keep an eye on your portion size!

Mason Jar Strawberry Banana Pie DIY

Props to The Family Feed for this next delectable pie! Is your mouthwatering yet? If it isn’t it will soon start with this strawberry banana pie! Just look at how beautiful that looks! Pair this with a cute tag and you’ve got yourself a great gift! Who wouldn’t love receiving this as a gift? People who don’t like pie, but seriously, who doesn’t?!? I’m not a huge dessert eater myself, but I can always make room for something like this!


Lemonade Makin’ Mama got it right with these beautiful pumpkin pies! I love the assortment of different garnishes and the presentation! Pumpkin pies are most certainly the perfect comfort pies! Pair it with a pumpkin spice latte and you’ve got yourself a wonderful treat!

Mason Jar Pecan Pie DIY

This beautiful pecan pie featured over on Everyday Cheer is just gorgeous! I love pecans so give me a pecan pie and I’m delighted! I think i’ll whip a few of these up for Thanksgiving and some home with everyone! If I can just keep my reputation of not so great baker under wraps….

Mason Jar Coconut Banana Cream Pie DIY

Next on the list is an oh so yummy coconut banana cream pie from Color Wheel Meals! I’m really not such a big fan of coconut but i’d be willing to make an exception for this one! And who says I have to eat any? I can just make them as gifts for people that do! But really, one rule that should be a must in every kitchen, always sample a bit or two, you know, just for test purposes! You should give someone something that you wouldn’t approve of right?

Mason Jar Mud Pie DIY

Last, but oh certainly not least, is a mason jar mud pie featured on The Lily Pad Cottage! Let me just say, Chocolate! Isn’t that enough? I can’t help but absolutely drooling over this gorgeous pie! YUM! I’ve had something like this before and it was most delicious, so take my word for it, you can’t go wrong with something like this!

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