10 Christmas Cookies & Mixes in Mason Jars

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These fun, colorful, cheerful, jolly & joyful Christmas jar crafts are the perfect DIY for cookies and cookie mixes in mason jars! The Christmas season comes with a lot of things, but a couple of the things we all look forward to every year is of course Christmas cookies and mason jars! Grab a  jar, ribbon, and your other craft making supplies and get ready for some great DIY Christmas craft-making fun! We rounded up a ton of delicious recipes and tutorials just for you!

Mason Jar Christmas Cookie Mix DIY Craft

Yum yum yum! Starting out this mouthwatering list of Christmas cookie mixes is a recipe from The Plaid and Paisley Kitchen! Christmas mint cookies are great way to start off right? The flavors of mint and chocolate go together like a pencil and paper. Oops, a corny line already! Just excuse that please! I love the beautiful presentation of this in a jar and this makes a wonderful gift. I might throw in some mint hot cocoa in a jar as well for a great accompaniment drink!

Mason Jar Christmas Candy Cane Cookie Mix  DIY

Now it just wouldn’t be Christmas if we didn’t eat a candy cane or two. So if you’re not into that whole sticky candy cane wrapper “messy thing” when you eat one, Christmas Your Way came up with a splendid way to incorporate them into a Christmas cookie mix! I of course have my share of candy canes around the holidays and I love this idea. If I were to give this as a gift, I might attach a bundle of candy canes on the jar as well, because you only get them once a year!


Mason Jar Gingerbread Christmas Cookie Mix DIY

Gingerbread cookies are a crowd favorite at Christmas time and Davet Designs has a sweet recipe for a gingerbread cookie mix! I love how the mason jar was decorated and the adorable labels! Including a cookie cutter in the shape of a gingerbread was also a must because you just can’t have gingerbread cookies unless they look like a gingerbread man!

Mason Jar Cranberry Winter Christmas Cookie Mix DIY

Cul – de – sac cool has a great tutorial for a cranberry Christmas cookie mix! I mean, just look at how pretty that looks! She even includes the printables so your work is basically done for you. Just put it all in the jar, decorate, give it as a gift, and you’re done. If you have a chocolate lover and a nut lover and your list, this is most definitely the cookie mix for them!

Mason Jar Cranberry Coconut Oatmeal Christmas Cookie Mix DIY

This cranberry, coconut, & oatmeal cookie mix– featured on Busy Mom Blogs is for sure to be a tasty treat! I love the decorative fabric used under the jar lid that adds that special touch. This is a triple-treat Christmas cookie mix, sure to be loved by everyone!

Mason Jar Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookie Mix DIY

For those of you who like to keep things simple, this mix from Behind the Studio is for you! Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in a jar! These are probably two things we all have in our pantry so a trip to the store won’t be needed, unless you just like the grocery store! A free printable label is provided for this mix as well.

Mason Jar Chocolate Toffee Coconut Christmas Cookie Mix DIY

Chocolate toffee coconut cookie mix in a mason jar, need I say more? Satori Design for Living knew what they were talking about when creating this scrumptious mix! Just saying the name of this mix makes my mouth water. I love the silver and blue color scheme used when decorating the jars as well. That probably has to be one of my favorite holiday color combinations!

Mason Jar Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookie Mix DIY

This next Christmas cookie jar recipe from Bump Smitten , you can’t go wrong with. It’s a classic, chocolate chip cookies! This has to be my all time favorite cookie. Nothing added, just chocolate chips and the mix. These aren’t really decorated in a Christmas theme, even though they’re as cute as can be, so you’ll have to use your imagination to decorate this jar for Christmas. Free printable’s are also provided! What a great gift!

Mason Jar Cranberry Pecan Christmas Cookie Mix DIY

The Hallmark Scrapbook Blog featured a delightful cookie mix recipe! Cranberry pecan crunch cookies!  I love how jazzed up the jars are with the pretty ribbon, polka dot lid, and stocking cut out. We usually have a ton of craft item lying around so this is my chance to use them! Of course, I can always use some pretty ribbon so a shopping trip might be in order! Cutest mason jar cookie mix gift!

Mason Jar Gluten Free Chocolate Chip and Raisin Christmas Cookie Mix DIY

For those of you who have a gluten free diet, this is the mix for you! Be Free For Me has a wonderful recipe / tutorial for gluten free cookie mixes! There are two mix recipes available, chocolate chip and raisin as well as an m&m cookie mix. If you plan on giving cookie mixes as gifts, make a few of these for these for people who have a gluten free diet, they like cookies too! I haven’t really given gluten free mixes a lot of thought, but really it’s an excellent idea.

10 Mason Jar Christmas Cookie Mix Gift Ideas DIY

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