30 Food in a Jar Ideas for Any Occasion

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Crafting up another 30 mason jar food recipes into creative works of edible art and gifts– fruits, beans, pastas, salads, pies, cupcakes & more! If you’ve ever wondered what foods you could possibly make in a mason jar, you’re not alone! Trust me, the possibilities are endless and delicious! Check out these mouthwatering recipes and even gift ideas!

Mason Jar Breakfast To Go Food Recipe DIY

First on the list from At The Picket Fence, scrambled eggs and bacon in a mason jar! This has to be one of my favorite breakfast meals. Simple and easy to make! Perfect for busy mornings or the weekends when you just don’t want to cook. I think this would be so pretty to serve at a brunch!

Mason Jar Slow Cooker Oatmeal Food Recipe DIY

Nuggle Mama has a great recipe idea using a mason jar, slow cooker oatmeal! Have breakfast waiting for you and your family in the morning with this easy and simple recipe! The presentation is beautiful and a perfect breakfast idea if you have guests over and you don’t want to cook in the morning, but still want to provide and nice breakfast!


Mason Jar Refrigerator Oatmeal Recipe DIY

The Yummy Life has a great recipe for a mason jar breakfast; no cook refrigerator oatmeal in six different flavors! WOW! When I get up in the morning, the last thing I want to do is make myself breakfast. You could say I’m not much of a morning person. If I were able to open up my frig and open one of these, I would probably eat breakfast every morning! These look mouthwatering! And if your a busy mom with kids demanding your attention every morning, check one thing off your to do list and make this easy breakfast ahead of time. Your kids will love it!

Mason Jar Egg Frittata Breakfast Recipe DIY

Next up from Ally Lynn, this breakfast in a jar is yum! Egg Frittata is probabaly something we all wish we could have in the morning, but in reality, most of us don’t have the time or the energy to make something like this every morning. Solution – get it ready ahead of time in a mason jar! I really like the idea of having a breakfast like this ready in the morning!

Mason Jar Clementine and Date Yogurt Recipe DIY

The Story of Us came up with a super yummy recipe, clementine and date yogurt cups! It seems like dates are certainly becoming a popular thing to put in foods, either that or I am totally oblivious to this fact! This is such a great breakfast or snack idea. And if you have kids, I think it would be a great way to get some healthy foods in them!

Mason Jar Shrimp Salad Recipe DIY

This next yummy recipe from Savoring the Thyme is a perfect on the go salad! Shrimp and feta cobb salad is such a refreshing treat for a warm day and a way to eat healthy on the go!

Mason Jar Caprese Salad Food Recipe DIY

Next on the list is a caprese salad in a jar from The Chubby Vegetarian! I know I’ve said already and I’ll say it again, but this just looks so pretty! I would most definitaly keep something like this in the refrigerator, it might actually motivate me to eat something healthy in place of something else that might not be.

Mason Jar Salad Recipe Food to Go DIY

Vegan Wife Style has a great spin on a normal everyday salad! These would be perfect to keep in your refrigerator for weeknight salads or something to keep at work! They look so pretty with all the colorful layers!

Mason Jar Pasta Salad Recipe Food in a Jar DIY

Check out this yummy pasta salad from Joyously Domestic! Pasta salads are perfect to serve at parties, everyone I know seems to love them! I really like how you can make these salads your own too, adding an extra ingredient or two, or leaving a few out. Personally, I’d leave the olives out!

Mason Jar Cold Salad Recipe Food to go DIY

Dora’s Table has a beautiful mason jar recipe! This roasted beet, blood orange, and quinoa salad looks great! I love the pretty colors and the ingredient list of course! This is such a great recipe idea and something great to have in your refrigerator when you want something quick to eat!

Mason Jar Black Bean and Corn Salad Recipe

Black beans and corn make a great addition to a mason jar salad, Skinny Moms Kitchen got it right! This salad is delicious! Just look at how appetizing that looks, all those beautiful layers!

Mason Jar Taco Salad Recipe DIY

I love tacos, so this taco salad from All Parenting is the salad for me! We eat a lot of tacos around here and this would be great to keep in our refrigerator! Personally, I just like looking at it since it’s so pretty!

Mason Jar Chicken Pot Pie Recipe DIY

I got super excited when I saw this mason jar chicken pot pie at Anders Ruff! I love love love chicken pot pie! This is a perfect meal to get all sorts of veggies and little bit of bread at the same time. I can’t wait to make a few of these and keep in the refrigerator! I really like the way they decorated their jars as well. If your planning on having company during the holidays, this is a great way to keep meals on hand!

Mason Jar Lasagna Recipe Food to go DIY

OK, now this is just amazing! Mason jar lasagna from Big Red Kitchen! Lasagna seems like a meal I hardly ever eat because it just takes so long to cook and prepare, but now I am going to make an effort to make it more often! Perfect portion sizes and clean up is easy; put the top on the jar and stick it in the refrigerator!

Mason Jar Roasted Vegetable Orzo Recipe DIY

How delicious does this look? From Mission to Eat, a beautiful mason jar meal, roasted vegetable orzo! I love orzo, it’s just cute and really that’s the main reason i like it! Put in a mason jar and I’m sold! This looks like a great meal to serve to guests and you could have it prepared ahead of time.

Mason Jar Pasta Shells Recipe DIY

Pasta, pasta, pasta, oh how I love you! Pasta is such an easy meal to make and this spin on it from At Home on Paradise Cove, is great! This would be a hit in our house! Something I can actually make!

Mason Jar Burrito Recipe Food in a Jar

Props to Eat Life Whole for this great idea, a burrito in a mason jar! We eat a foods like this around here and this would be such a great recipe to try out! It seems like such a great healthy way to eat a burrito. It looks super yummy and cute!

Mason Jar Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe

Here’s another great mason jar meal from Big Red Kitchen! Chicken Cordon Bleu seems like such a fancy meal that takes forever to prepare, but put it in a mason jar and it turns into a simple task! Or maybe it’s just the fact that anything I do with a mason jar makes me happy. Who knows, but the end result is to die for!

Mason Jar Shepherds Pie

This mason jar shepherd’s pie recipe from Cravings of a Lunatic is delightful! Anything with meat in it, I pretty much love and I love sheperds pie. This one is next on my list to try for dinner!

Mason Jar Chili and Cornbread Recipe DIY

Chili and cornbread! In a mason jar! Iowa Girl Eats got it right with this wonderful recipe! I think this would be great to make and store away in the freezer for a quick meal idea. If you live somewhere that’s always cold, this is for you! And if you live somewhere that’s mostly warm, like me, well it’s just plain old southern comfort food!

Mason Jar Soup Recipe DIY

This is a great dry soup mix from Noodles and Nuggets! I love the idea of keeping a few of these in the pantry and  making a big pot of soup and maybe throwing in a few extras! Easy weeknight dinner or a great gift!

Mason Jar Bean Soup Recipe Dry Soup Mix DIY

Back to Her Roots has a great vegetarian five bean soup mix recipe! Beans just look pretty in a jar, and the label is cute too! This is something to keep in the pantry when you need a quick dinner. This would also be a great gift idea as well, for Christmas or a hostess gift!

Mason Jar Soup Recipe DIY Tutorial

This beautiful curry lentil soup is another great soup recipe from Kitchenette. Why are beans so pretty? Those colors are just gorgeous! The end result looks delicious and will for sure be an easy weeknight dinner when it’s cold outside!

Mason Jar Panna Cota Recipe DIY

I have never tried this before, but this honey panna cotta recipe from I Made That looks divine! I seriously cannot wait to make this. I just made some jello in mason jars but this is like jello on steroids!

Mason Jar Banana Bread Recipe DIY

Found at Intimate Weddings, these darling little mason jars filled with banana bread are just too cute! Check out their page and find a recipe to make homemade banana bread. I love banana bread, but I just never seem to make it, really because no one else will eat it and I end up throwing it out! Making it in mason jars is genius! Perfect DIY gift for Christmas!

Mason Jar Pumpkin Gingerbread Recipe DIY

From Balancing Beauty and Bedlam comes this wonderful homemade pumpkin gingerbread jar recipe! This would be such a great gift idea and a gift that keeps on giving! It looks so nice in a jar and smells great in the oven!

Mason Jar Homemade Dip Recipe DIY

This simple layered dip from Savvy Mom is beautiful! It will be a crowd favorite if served at parties! The taste and the beauty. Why does food look so much better in a mason jar?!?

Mason Jar Salsa Recipe DIY

This paleo salsa, over at Amazing Paleo, looks delish! The colors are beautiful in this mason jar, but what doesn’t look good in a mason jar?!? I think this would be perfect to put out at parties since the presentation is so pretty! Give each guest their own jar and let them take it home as a gift! They’ll be asking you for the recipe so be prepared!

Mason Jar Date Paste Recipe DIY

The Healthy Foodie certainly got me thinking with this next mason jar recipe. Date paste. Yep, I said date paste. It looks really pretty in the jar but I’m not to sure how it would taste. I look forward to trying this one out though! I have never in my life heard of this but it seems like a great idea!

Mason Jar Cinnamon Honey Butter Homemade DIY

Cinnamon honey butter, the name just says it all! YUMM! Check out Me and My Pink Mixer for the full recipe! I can’t wait to try this out. If it tastes half as good as it sounds, I’ll be making it all the time since we love bread! I love the idea of putting it in a small mason jar, like the picture, and giving it as gifts to neighbors or people I might need a last minute gift for. It would also be nice to give this in a gift basket, full of homemade goodies!

Mason Jar Homemade Peanut Butter

Have you ever wondered about making your own peanut butter? I have a couple of times and now I can finally try it thanks to Lemon Sugar! Since we like peanut butter around here, it would be so fun to try this out. It looks pretty in the jar and on the bread that’s for sure!

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