5 Colorful Handmade Mason Jar Christmas Gift Ideas

JAR CRAFTS Published November 23rd, 2013 62,287 views
5 Christmas Mason Jar Gift Ideas for DIY Crafts

Christmas crafts for gift ideas, presented with style, custom gift tags, holiday cheer and warmth– 5 mason jar gift ideas for the Christmas season!

Gingerbread House Kit in Mason Jar with Gift Tag

30 Minute Crafts did a fantastic job with this gift idea– a gingerbread house kit in a mason jar! It’s colorful, stylish, simple to make, and will be adored by anyone who could be so lucky to receive such a gift! The printable gift tag and polka dotted red ribbon are cute as can be!

Christmas Cookies in Joy, Peace, Love Mason Jars

Bringing a little extra joy, peace, and love to the already joyful and loving season of Christmas, The Decorated Cookie crafted this special little treat just for you! The red and white striped twine that wraps the jar, and the printable gift tag it’s holding blend perfectly with the holiday cookies that are inside! What a great gift idea for people of all ages!


Candy Cane Sauce in Mason Jar as Gift

Echoes of Laughter appears to have had a little too much fun with candy canes this year! Check out this beautifully crafted, pink, red, and green “Merry Christmas” gift idea and recipe they’ve provided– a candy sauce made from cande canes! The kids would definitely love this one!

Triple Fudge Cookie Mix in Mason Jar as Christmas Gift

Who wouldn’t absolutely love receiving a triple fudge chocolate cookie-mix jar as a Christmas gift? It looks so delicious– the chocolate chips inside the mason jar are just sitting there looking ever so tempting! The Frugal Girls did a great job with this cookie mix gift idea, as well as half a dozen others they’ve shared on their site.

Homemade Apple Butter in Mason Jar as Christmas Gift Idea

My Baking Addiction has once again taken something so simple and turned it into the cutest idea for a gift– homemade apple butter in a mason jar, with a little custom name tag that hangs from the side.

Each and every one of the items listed here would make the best Christmas gifts and be loved by everyone! Have a wonderful holiday season, and Merry Christmas!

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