Banana Split Cake in a Mason Jar | Food Crafts

JAR FOOD Published November 23rd, 2013 13,630 views
Banana Split Cake in a Mason Jar | Food Crafts

Look out sweet-tooth! This deliciously-crafty cake in a jar is about the most downright gorgeous thing two mason jars have ever seen! This dessert cake is loaded with flavorful, mouthwatering ingredients, making up the perfect looking graham cracker, walnut, and cherry covered food craft yet!

It doesn’t get much more appealing than this– what a gorgeous presentation of yet another food-in-a-jar idea! I can almost taste the strawberries, and powdered sugar just sitting here thinking about it!

I can’t see how this wouldn’t be the perfect recipe, time and again, over Thanksgiving and Christmas! Yep– this year I’m going to be loved!


To see the full list of ingredients, the recipe and instructions, or just to read a cute story , visit the link below! Well done, Sprinkled with Flower, you’ve raised the bar with this one!

View the Tutorial

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