Pampering Gift Set Idea for Girls using a Mason Jar

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Mason Jar Gift Idea for Girls Pampering in a Jar

If your looking for a cute gift idea for a girly girl on your list, look no more! You’ll be amazed at what a mason jar and a few strands of ribbon can do together!

I’ve been seeing these manicure in a jar or spa in a jar gifts on pinterest, so I set out to make my own! It literally took me about 5 minutes to put this together and it was very inexpensive!


What I did first of course was decide what was actually going in the jar. Since this particular gift was going to a girly girl, it was super easy to go grab a few little things to put inside.

The sky is the limit of course as to what you can put inside. Well almost, it has to fit in a jar of course! Target always has cute things in their dollar section, so if you’ll be putting several of these together, that’s a great avenue to consider for the filler items!

Mason Jar Gift Idea

When I was filling my jar, I just grabbed a few cute things as I saw them in several different stores. It doesn’t have to be perfect, so just go for it!

Mason Jar Gift for Girls

As you can see, I put in nail polish, perfume, hair accessories, a bracelet, lip gloss, lotion, and a tea candle. Perfect things to go in a purse or travel with! I like how it somehow turned out to all be the same sort of color scheme as well!

After several attempts of arranging this in the jar, I finally got it how I wanted it and jazzed the jar up a little!

Mason Jar Girl Gift

I used a few strands of ribbon and a piece of lace to decorate mine. I didn’t glue anything to the jar, I just tied it on, but you can definitely use glue if you want.

I didn’t go that route only because I thought that maybe the jar could be used again somehow and maybe lace and pink ribbon wouldn’t be wanted. I had this on hand so its what I used and I kept it simple.

Cute Mason Jar Gift Idea

And that’s it! Add a tag if you want and your all set! I love how it turned it and this will be one of my go to gift ideas from now on!

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