Dog Treat Gift or Storage Idea using a Mason Jar

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Mason Jars with Dog Treats and Handmade Tags DIY

If your like me, you love your pets, but those bags and boxes of treats can get in the way! Grab a mason jar and store them away, or better yet, have a cute gift on hand!

We have three dogs and probably buy a large bag of treats every week and do you know how much treats cost? Almost $15.00 for a large bag!! Beggin’ Strips is the treat of choice. We’ll buy them just because we love our little furry babies, but oh does it hurt to fork that much out for dog treats!

Now that we have discovered the amazing world of couponing, we scored big time on dog treats this past week! We were able to get two different kinds of treats, along with dog food, for almost nothing!

After shopping and doing all the fun stuff, the hard part began. Finding a place to put it all! We did find a spot that worked well, but having to go open a bag or a box every time we needed a treat just wasn’t cutting it. Now that may not seem like such a hard or difficult task, but when three dogs are jumping all over you and making you miss a couple of steps, it can become one!

A light bulb finally went off in my head and I thought, MASON JARS! We have a ton of them lying around so I gathered three up and got to it! To make your own treat jars all you’ll need is:

  • Mason jars, or any type of jar you desire
  • Ribbon or Twine
  • Dog Treats
  • Colorful Paper, Stencils, etc….

And that is it! This is what I came up with:

Mason Jar Dog Treat DIY Storage or Gift Jars

I have a cricut machine and made the tags that way. If you don’t have a cricut machine, just write on a pretty piece of paper or print something out! I love that I put these together and I love how they turned out! The dogs of course don’t really care how they look of course, they just care about what’s inside!

Mason Jar Treats in a Jar for Dogs


This would also make a perfect gift for the dog lover or cat lover for that matter, on your list! If you don’t know the animals name, just label the jar or jars by what sort of treat is inside, beggin strips, milk-bones, etc..


So now I must show you the faces that match these jars!

Mason Jar Dog Treat DIY

This is Carly, otherwise known as “Bean”, a new addition to the family just this year and she is certainly mischievous! We’ve had her since she was a puppy and has grown so much since this particular picture! She is a lab mix of some sort and loves her milk-bone jar!

Mason Jar Dog Treats Gift

This is Felina Maria! She is the sweetest and oldest of the three, and loves her Beggin’ Strips Jar! She is a Chihuahua and just as cuddly as can be!

Mason Jar Dog Treat Jar with Pink Tag

This is Lily, or otherwise known as “Buggy”! She is also a new addition to the family! Still a baby, she gets into everything! This is her, ” I’m not doing anything wrong face!” She is the most precious chi-weenie I know and loves her little beggin’ strips jar with some milk-bones!

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