15 DIY Mason Jar Sugar Scrub Craft Tutorials

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Here are 15 delightfully scrumptious sugar scrub recipes! They’re easy enough for you to make yourself, so grab a mason jar and let’s get started!

Mason Jar Citrus Sugar Cubes DIY

First on the list are citrus sugar scrub cubes! I love this idea from The Idea Room! Instead of just making a large batch of a scrub and pouring it in a jar, it’s in cube form! I really like how this looks in the jar as well, with the pretty orange and pink color! And if you don’t like the idea of cubes, you could use a different shape, maybe even a heart! Free printables are even provided so that you can decorate your jar!

Mason Jar Mint Sugar Scrub DIY

Now this pretty scrub featured at Love Grows Wild, is perfect if you like the scent of mint! Who wouldn’t love using a wonderful scrub like this? I know I would love it! I actually made this the other day and it turned out better than I expected! Using a smaller mason jar with the red ribbon is such a great way to present this sugar scrub as a gift or to keep for yourself. I suggest doing both!


Mason Jar Vanilla Sugar Scrub DIY

Try this great vanilla sugar scrub recipe from Home Remedy Shop, you’ll love it! It’s so simple and easy to make, you’ll have a jar on hand at all times! Since a lot of people like the scent of vanilla, giving this as a gift would be perfect! There is even a short description of each ingredient provided, so you know exactly what each ingredient’s purpose is!

Mason Jar Gingerbread Sugar Scrub DIY

Sprinkle with Sage has a wonderful twist on a gingerbread sugar scrub recipe! Who say’s it has to be Christmas to make a gingerbread scrub? You could make it anytime of year! Of course it would be perfect to give as gifts around Christmas, but I love how gingerbread smells, so i’ll keep a jar on hand throughout the year!

Mason Jar Orange Creamsicle Sugar Scrub DIY

I love this orange creamsicle sugar scrub from The Gunny Sack! It is just beautiful! I had to try this one as well and it smells great too! A free printable is provided so you can make your own version of this scrub and give it as a gift!

Mason Jar Honey Strawberry Sugar Scrub DIY Recipe

Honey and strawberries have to be two of my favorite things, so this scrub from Tried and True is one of my favorites! This would be perfect to make during summertime so that you could use fresh strawberries! What a great party favor for a summer party! You can even print out the lid insert!

Mason Jar Lemon Sugar Scrub DIY Recipe Tutorial

Lemon Sugar Scrubs have to be one of the most popular sugar scrubs that I know of and I love this one from A Pumpkin and a Princess! There is a simple, easy to follow recipe, so you’ll be able to whip up a few jars full in no time! I love the yellow ribbon around the jar, it’s just simple and pretty!

Mason Jar Cucumber Green Tea Sugar Scrub DIY Recipe Tutorial

I know I always think of cucumbers when I think about being pampered, so this cucumber green tea scrub from The NY Melrose Family is a perfect spa day scrub! Break out those cucumber slices and get to pampering!

Mason Jar Neopolitian Ice Cream Sugar Scrub DIY

This is what we’ve all been waiting for! An ice cream sugar scrub! The Natural Beauty Workshop did an amazing job with this! It looks absolutely scrumptious in the jar, so be careful not to mistake it for real ice cream!

Mason Jar Brown Sugar Scrub DIY Recipe

Brown sugar scrubs are one of my go to favorite scrubs, so I love this scrub from Eclectically Vintage! The printable label is adorable, as well as the scoop! What a perfect gift!

Mason Jar Mandarian Sugar Scrub Recipe DIY

What a simple three ingredient mandarin scrub from Texas Type A Mom! I was recently given a box full of mandarin’s from a family member and was wondering what in the world I would do with them all, but I think I found at least one way I can use them!

Coconut Lemon Sugar Scrub Recipe DIY

I love this twist on a simple lemon sugar scrub from Back at the Ranch, just add coconut! Coconut’s remind me of some place tropical, so what better way to get away than to use this simple sugar scrub recipe!

Mason Jar Chocolate Coconut Sugar Scrub Recipe DIY

How Sweet It Is has the perfect recipe for all us chocolate lovers, a chocolate coconut sugar scrub! It looks good enough to eat and would be a scrumptious way to soak your skin! I love this idea and can’t wait to try it out!

Mason Jar Mint and Lime Sugar Scrub Recipe DIY

Since I love the smell of mint, I couldn’t pass this scrub recipe up from Cute DIY’S! What better way to enjoy that wonderful smell of mint than with a twist of lime, while your skin benefits too!

Mason Jar Lavender Sugar Scrub Recipe DIY

Last, but certainly not least, is a beautiful lavender sugar scrub from Wonky Wonderful! Lavender has always seemed so calming to me and I’d be so grateful to have a jar of this around on those days I just need to de-stress!

Fifteen Mason Jar Sugar Scrub Recipes with DIY Tutorials

I hope you enjoyed this list of delightfully scrumptious sugar scrubs! Use mason jars big and small and give them as gifts, keep them for yourself, or use as party favors! I would consider doing all three! I’ve tried out several of these recipes and they have turned out great, so I can’t wait to try them all! Now that you’ve seen the full line up, get started on yours too! Check out some of our other articles as well for more great ideas involving mason jars!

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